Closure of Council Facilities - Due to Covid-19

In line with guidance received from the Prime Minister, it has been assessed that the following non-essential facilities should be closed until further notice:

  • Closed effective today:  Quorn Skate Park.

Council has completed a risk assessment on its current operations and has determined that the following facilities should be closed, this decision has not been made lightly and is primarily informed by the need to ensure staff and patron safety:

Closed effective tomorrow at close of business:

  • Hawker Swimming Pool;
  • Quorn Swimming Pool;
  • The Visitor Information Centre (Quorn);
  • Quorn Community Hall;
  • Quorn Town Hall;
  • Hawker Institute.
  • Quorn Skate Park

The following facilities will remain ‘open’ at this time:

  • Landfill Hawker;
  • Waste Transfer Station Quorn;
  • Council Office Quorn;
  • Council Depot Quorn;
  • Council Depot Hawker;
  • Parks, Gardens and open areas;
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Quorn;
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Hawker;
  • Public Toilets;
  • Any other facilities not listed under closures above.

We will be continuing to assess the risk for staff and the community over the coming days and will keep the community informed of any changes. Significant work is underway to ensure that Council continues to be well prepared and can deliver all required essential services.

If you have any questions regarding these closures, please contact the Council Office on 08 8620 0500.
Eric Brown
Chief Executive Officer