PRRPS Mill Crossing Upgrade Project - Construction Phase Outline

23rd March 2021



1. Background

1.1 The Mill Railway Crossing is located on West Terrace Quorn. The crossing consists of 2 tracks and is presently protected by passive signage. The current Australian Level Crossing Assessment Model (ALCAM) rates the site such that it should be upgraded to Active Protection i.e., be fitted with Flashing Lights.

1.2 The South Australian Government through the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) have made available capital funds to replace the passive signage with a complete set of automatic flashing lights.

2. Scope of Works

2.1 The Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society has engaged specialist subcontractors to install all works on Railway controlled land.

2.2 This work includes:

  • standing the two new flashing light masts complete with flashing light heads and signage.
  • Installing two control cabinets on the South side of the railway approximately halfway between the roadway and Heysen Trail pathway.
  • Underground cabling and connections to the tracks to detect approaching trains. This includes under boring the roadway and the railway track.
  • Underground electrical supply connection to the equipment cabinets.
  • Installing two railway signals on the North side of the railway to control trains.
  • Testing and certifying the safe design and operation of the completed installation.

2.3 SA DIT will carry out all work not on railway-controlled land as follows:

  • upgrading or replacing the signage on all approach roads to show the crossing is controlled by flashing lights.
  • road pavement markings - stop line and lane markings.
  • Rewording and relocation of the school pedestrian crossing signage to maintain adequate sight lines and avoid giving conflicting information to road users.

3. Construction

3.1 The initial site work is scheduled to start in the 2nd or 3rd week of April subject to completion of other works not related to this project. this work involves boring and trenching and cabling on railway-controlled land and does not affect road or pedestrian traffic.

3.2 During the 2nd week of May, installation of the flashing light masts is planned to occur. This work will only take a few hours for each mast and may involve a partial closure of one roadway lane while the masts are lifted into position. The work will be undertaken during the middle of the day or at the weekend and will be outside school "koala crossing" operating hours.

3.3 After the masts are installed the equipment cabinets can be installed and the installation wiring completed.

3.4 Construction is planned to be completed by the end of May.

4. Commissioning

4.1 After the completion of the construction phase testing will be carried out and this involves running some test trains through the crossing.

4.2 Until all works including the DIT road signage has been completed the crossing light and stop signs will remain covered ("bagged").

4.3 A public information campaign with the signage at the crossing will be carried out prior to the crossings commissioning.

4.4 Documentation and training of the railway staff must also be completed before commissioning can occur.