Why do we need volunteers?

The Flinders Ranges Council is a small community and as a Council we need to make sure we support our community with various services, programs and activities. Volunteers help our small band of paid staff to deliver some of these services. Without volunteers Council would find it hard to continue these services. Likewise the various sporting and community groups rely entirely on volunteers and without their volunteers the various sports and community events would not happen.

What can you do to help?

We have volunteer jobs available that are advertised on this site. Have a look at the Volunteer Opportunities and check out what's available. If you would like to find out more about a job, just phone the contact person detailed.

Some people have specialised skills that they would like to share, if this is you, just read the 'how to get involved' section below and we will contact you to look at creating a role just for you!

Also, so that you are aware, the Council regards the interests of children and other vulnerable people in our community as of paramount importance so if you decide to volunteer with us you will be required to provide a current National Police Certificate and renew this every three years.  You may also be required to undertake a screening and background check through the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion for certain volunteer positions.

How to get involved?

It's easy, just contact Angie Finlay in the first instance for an informal chat on 8620 0500 or send Angie an email with a brief background of your interests and background to council@frc.sa.gov.au

What's in it for you?

Each person volunteers for different reasons, but some of the benefits of volunteering are:

  • you get to meet people
  • you can share or build your skills
  • you learn more about your community
  • you can get a reference for your resume
  • and you feel good!

The best thing is, just about anyone can volunteer. So if you are reliable and enthusiastic, why not volunteer!