Walks & lookouts

The Flinders Ranges region offers great bush walks, town walks and lookouts.
If wanting a brochure call into the Quorn or Hawker Visitor Centres.

Devil's Peak trail

Devil’s Peak is just under 700m high, and formed of pound quartzite approximately 700 million years old. Have a good look around you, as there are many examples of faults and fossil impressions on this walk.
The Flinders Ranges is a young landscape made from ancient rocks that refelct changes in Australia's envirnment over the millennia. As you walk along the Devil's Peak trail you climb through an ancient and vital piece of Earth history. the rocks around you represent the various time periods, such as the Cambrian, Ediacaran and Pre-Cambrian.
You will see a large variety of native vegetation, wildflowers, birds and get a fantastic panoramic view at the summit (670 metres above sea level) and along the way.

  • The walk is 1.3 km long and will take approximately 2 hours to complete. It is not a loop walk and it has some steep and rocky parts that require walkers to scramble over.
    This is a private property so please respect the land by not littering or damaging the vegetation. Dogs, firearms, fires and camping are not permitted.

Mount Brown Conservation Park trail

If you have extra time available, rather than return straight to Quorn, travel back along the Devil's Peak turnoff road and turn right along the Richman Valley Road. This will take you a further 10 km through farming country to Waukarie Falls (usually dry) and the start of the Mt Brown Conservation Park Bush Walks at Olive Grove Trailhead. From here (14 km south of Quorn along the Richman Valley Road) there are two walks (no steep sections) to choose from:

  • A 15 km loop walk including the spur track to Mt Brown summit normally takes 7- 8 hours.
  • Allow 6 hours for the other walk, which is 11.6 km (5.8 km one way), for the return journey to the summit of Mt Brown
  • After heavy rain the Waukerie Falls will run. It is only a 5 min. walk from the carpark. It is also a great picnic spot.

The altitude range of these walks is from 410 metres at the trailhead to 970 metres at the summit.

Dutchman Stern Conservation Park trail

This park offers a variety of family bushwalks and is open all year (other than on total fireban days).
There are two main walks:

  • The ridgetop walk (4.1 km one way - 4 hours return)
  • The loop walk (10.5 km - allow 5 hours to complete)

The third option is walking to the Terrace Viewpoint and back (2km one way). At the viewpoint you have a good view to Mt Brown and Devil's Peak on one side and, on a clear day, to Wilpena Pound to the other side.

Altitude range is from 440 metres at the trailhead to 810 metres at checkpoint 3. The Heysen trail runs through the Dutchman Stern Conservation Park.

Mount Remarkable National Park trails

This park is situated just south of Wilmington in the southern Flinders Ranges.

It is a meeting place of the arid north and the wetter southern regions of South Australia, and contains a fascinating mix of flora and fauna from both areas.

There are two major access points on the eastern side of the ranges. Mount Remarkable itself is the backdrop to Melrose, 24km south of Wilmington and is only accessible to walkers. Alligator Gorge may be reached via a picturesque drive commencing 1km south of Wilmington on Main North Road (unsuitable for caravans).

Warren Gorge Trail

This loop trail is 5.3 km long and takes between 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. It is easy to moderate depending on your level of fitness. There are some loose surfaces and short steep parts . Close to sunset and sunrise you will very likely spot the local yellow footed rock wallabies.

Jarvis Hill Trail and Lookout

Jarvis Hill, some 6 km west of Hawker provides a panoramic view of the Central Flinders Ranges including the Hawker area, including the Worumba Hills to the east, Wilpena pound, Elder Range and Wonoka Hill to the north, and Yourambulla Range to the south.

A sign in the carpark directs you to a turnstile at the begining of the walk. The walk is 260 metres uphill to an obelisk, which is 510 metres above sea level. Allow 45 minutes for the return walk.

Camel's Hump Scenic Lookout

Access to this lookout is about 1.5 km south of Hawker on the Quorn Road. A short climb offers panoramic views of Hawker and the Central Flinders Ranges.

Castle Rock Scenic Lookout

This is a prominent rock formation located about a kilometre east of Hawker. Take the Wilpena Road for about a kilometre then turn right onto the unsealed road (sign posted). Proceed for another kilometre to the top of the hill, where you may leave your car. Pass through the small access gate on your right and proceed along the track which heads towards Castle Rock.

Hawker Town Heritage Walk

The Hawker Community Development Board has designed a walk and brochure, aimed at enlightening visitors on the building heritage and early pioneering history of Hawker. A Town Heritage Walk Guide is available at the Information Centre located in Hawker Motors.
Hawker Brochure

Quorn Town Heritage Walk

"A  Quorn Historic Buildings Walk" is one walk promoted in Quorn. Brochure providing directions and information on this walk is available from the Flinders Ranges Visitor Information Centre in Railway Terrace, Quorn.
Quorn Brochure

Quorn Flora Reserve Walk

This reserve is located  2 kilometres from the Quorn town centre.and includes a short walk (allow half an hour) through a 3 hectare reserve. Walk through the gate and follow the marked trail that will return you to the car park.

Powell Gardens

Powell Gardens was established to promote the use of native plants in home and public gardens. The garden has native plant species found to occur within a radius of 30km of Quorn. The 500 or so plants are mostly shrubs, grasses and groundcovers they provide contrast to the neighbouring tall grove of trees and Capowie Creek's red gums.

Powell Gardens has been featured on the ABC show Gardening Australia.