Quandong Cafe

31 First Street
Phone 8648 6155

QUANDONG CAFE has been an institution of food and coffee within Quorn since 1995. It was one of the first buildings to bring coffee culture to the Flinders Ranges and has continued to do so through the eyes of many owners, upgrades and remodels.

Our luxury QUANDONG APARTMENTS were added by one of the more recent owners, as they realised the growing need for accommodation for travellers and small families. Patricia Gilbert had worked for the manager and cooked cakes for the café over a period of 10 years while her young family were at school.

PAT took ownership of the Quandong Café in November 2016, with the support of her son Tyler, as the Barista. Since reopening they have tried to retain the menu classics that have become staples for travellers and locals alike such as the ‘famous’ QUANDONG PIE and Quandong cheesecake, but also offering new and fresh ideas with their seasonal menu.

The Quandong café is in a constant state of development and growth and is now staffed by a small but remarkable team of local women and youth, 6 days a week, 50 weeks of the year.

If its coffee, homemade cakes, food on the go or a luxury night’s stay you are looking for, stop in for a visit and say hey, the staff are always HAPPY for a chat or ready to impart some local knowledge.