Review of Council Decisions / Complaints

Internal Review of Council Decisions (Section 270 of Local Government Act 1999)

The Flinders Ranges Council is committed to transparent decision-making processes, and to providing access to a fair and objective procedure for the internal review of decisions.

Grievances may arise as a result of dissatisfaction with a decision about a policy, procedure, service or fee. All attempts will be made to resolve grievances quickly and efficiently, without the need for formal applications for review to be lodged. Sometimes this cannot be achieved. The "Internal Review of Council Decisions" policy provides guidance for dealing with formal requests for internal review of decisions of Council, its employees, and other people acting on behalf of the Council.

Dealing with grievances at the local level is the most effective way of resolving matters quickly. Applicants for review of decisions will be encouraged to participate in the review handling process co-operatively. However, this will not negate citizens’ rights to seek external review through the State Ombudsman, other legal appeal processes, or the Courts at any time during the internal review process.

The Flinders Ranges Council "Internal Review of Council Decisions" Policy can be found here.

Customer Complaints

The Flinders Ranges Council "Customer Complaints" policy establishes a framework for how The Flinders Ranges Council (the Council) will respond to a customer who is dissatisfied with a process, product or service offered or
provided by the Council.

The Council:

  • welcomes complaints as a form of feedback that will ultimately identify service improvement opportunities;
  • values integrity, responsible management, fairness and equity, and will continue to strive to maintain the highest standards in its dealings with its customers while meeting the needs of the community;
  • promotes responsible management of customer complaints within the Council’s resource limitations. In particular, in working towards resolving ongoing customer concerns or complaints the Council is mindful of not over committing resources and funds to the detriment of the community at large;
  • is committed to identifying, investigating and where possible resolving  complaints and grievances;
  • considers that principles of economy, efficiency, effectiveness, fairness, impartiality and responsiveness should underpin Council service delivery;
  • recognises the importance of transparency in decision making and the need to provide a fair and objective procedure for the review of all decisions and services provided.

The  considerations  articulated  above  are  of  utmost  importance  in  the Council’s trust, confidence and support of its community.

The Flinders Ranges Council "Customer Complaints" Policy can be found here.